Last day at work


So sad to be leaving grace orphan care today :(. I will miss Victor, Ernest, Gilos and ALL the kids. They showed me so much of their country and I think I lived like a real Malawian for two weeks!!


Things we did:

-HBC (home best care) with Gilos. Every thursday we went around the village to meet disabled children. Today we helped a family clean their house and I had to cut the grass using a big shovel.

-My mom and I build a swing at the orphanage

-I painted some posters to raise awareness for environmental protection. The children are supposed to learn how to recycle plastic. They are also taught that burning or chopping down trees causes a lot of damage to nature.

-We played soccer and some card games in the afternoons

-Victor showed me how to eat sugarcane, chinangwa and how to cook Nsima

-I gave the kids math and English riddles to solve.

-Gilos gave me some Chichewa lessons so I could talk with the natives.

– One day we took a hike up a mountain so we could see all of Zomba and I was paranoid of snakes. The other day a gardener had killed a Cobra that was lying around the house. It was suggested to cook the snake but my mom immediately objected 🙂

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