Grace orphane care (Tuesday/Wednesday)




Skipping a day, on Tuesday I started work at an orphanage called “Grace orphan care” in Zomba. It is 15 minutes away from the hospital by car. This is quiet far for the people that live in the village. The orphanage is very basic, with a big playground, a small library and a room where children can get some school lessons. There is no bathroom or place to buy bottled water. So I basically go without these necessities from 8am to 6pm. It seems insane but once you are here life without things we take so much for granted suddenly becomes possible. We cook lunch around 12. Food is made over the fire. People here eat Nsima every day, sort of like tasteless cake made from corn flour in addition to some salty cooked vegetables. The people at the orphanage taught me how to cook everything and how to eat with hands. Forks and spoons are a luxury to possess. I felt a little bit crushed by all the poverty and had to think a lot about the kids that have to survive in the bush day after day with really nothing but the orphanage as a place that helps them through life.


Second day in the orphanage was much better. I got the keys for the office and was in charge of teaching the kinder garden children. They are much more patient than our kids. We counted numbers until 20 and sang church songs. At breakfast time I had 12 bananas which we had to cut into 4 equal pieces so every child would get one. They loved it, especially when they got sweets some time later. Their endless happiness made me feel more welcome than ever in Malawi. They followed me around the entire day. We always found a way to communicate without language as none of the small kids speak English. But it was understood that everyone liked to play football and so we kicked the ball until I had to leave.


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