A never ending road

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Today we drove to Zomba, a drive that would apparently take 4 hours with the car. Well, it took us about 7 hours (for 250 km). Driving in Malawi is beyond structured and secure. Bumps in the street break the tires, goats lazily cross the street on permanent basis and there is a speed limit of about 80km/h for tourists. There was only one main road we had to take. The highway M1. The sides of the roads are used by the Malawian people who walk or drive their bikes. They usually carry mountains of wood on their back or water containers on their head. It quickly hits you, Malawi is without a doubt one of the ten poorest countries in the world. Almost unbelievable, as it only takes 9 hours to get to this part of the world from Germany. So while we were driving, time went by really fast. You could watch the people sell fruits, play soccer or burn down trees to make coal. Some would give you a smile, wave, or simply a blank stare. It was never frightening to be watched. The natives are more than friendly to white people. At times we stopped at their markets in the hope to find a toilet. Of course they could not help us. Bathrooms are considered a luxury, so is water and food. Instead we bought a coke at a local “market” and soon 40 children were following us around the street. Some curiously looked at my camera and anxiously ran away when I asked them to take a picture. At the car we decided to give them a pack of gummibears. Not a good idea with such a big group of kids. They ripped the candy bag out of our hands and jumped on top of one another, almost pulling each other apart. This is another mentality of the people in this country. They can get very jealous, and they will even kill each other over jealousy. This might sound terrible, but it is fact. Besides that, the country is more than beautiful with its landscape. The pictures will do the talking!

Around 4 we landed in Zomba. Here we have a beautiful apartment for 2 weeks. Like every “upper class” house, there is a watchman (a guard that would probably run away if somebody tried to break in), two gardeners, three dogs and a cook. The owners themselves are extremely welcoming. It feels like the next two weeks will be super adventurous:)


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